Sunday, May 2, 2010

Loudoun Heights (Part Two)

This is continued from part one.

The first mile or so of the trail (blue blaze) follows the ridge of the mountain, with the Potomac and Harper's Ferry out of site to your left.  You can hear the train from Harpers Ferry occasionally throughout the hike.

The thing that makes this hike great are the three views along the way.  There is a wide band cut for power lines running up the mountain, and the view is great when the trail intersects them.  All three spots are easy to see from the trail.

First overlook.  This is the highest lookout and has the closest view of Harpers Ferry and Bolivar Heights beyond it.

The river in the picture in the Potomac running between Maryland and West Virginia.  It meets the Shenandoah River    which runs left-to-right below this mountain.

The next viewpoint is a few hundred feet lower.  This picture looks up at the previous spot:

At this second overview the power lines turn directly downhill, giving a good view out and across towards Maryland Heights, which is directly across the river.

I'm out of picture space, so I will cover the third overlook in part 3.


  1. Power lines are unfortunate. Ruin otherwise fantastic views...

  2. Right they do get in the way, but the huge cuts for the lines are what make things visible from view #1 and #2. View #3 is pure rock overlook - no power lines in sight.