Monday, December 29, 2008

Old Stone Fort, Maryland Heights

Here are a few shots from the remnants of the Old Stone fort on Maryland Heights overlooking Harper's Ferry, WV.

The fort was built by the Union forces during the civil war to help protect Harper's Ferry - Both Harper's Ferry & Maryland Heights had been overrun by Confederates earlier in the war.

You can reach the trail from Harper's Ferry by crossing the old railroad bridge over the Potomac to the Maryland/C&O canal, then turning left and following the C&O for a 1/4 mile or so until the first footbridge that crosses over & leads to the left up the mountain. By AT standards the trail up is wide & very well groomed (gravel). It also has a few signs discussing the use of the hill for coal manufacture and as a Union encampment.

Note that there is a 15-20 minute section of the climb that is STEEP.

Stone Fort main area
Remnants of the main section from the Old Stone Fort.

An example of the walls

More main area
More pictures of the main section. The picture faces roughly towards Harper's Ferry, and the plaque faces towards Virginia.

A little farther down the ridge you can see a little of the Shenandoah before it reaches the Potomac.
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