Monday, December 29, 2008

Hike from Route 7 to Sam Moore Shelter

I got a hike in from the Route 7 parking lot south to the Sam Moore Shelter today.

I followed the blue strike trail, which merges with the AT. It is a 20-25 minute hike from the parking lot up to the Bears Den for a beautiful view (see below). If you look around carefully on the rocks you can find an inscription from 1876 - I believe the outcrop may have been used as a signal point.

After Bears Den there is a good descent followed by fairly level hiking for another half hour or so. At the hour mark I hit Spout Run (see picture below) for my second stream crossing of the day. The water level was low & crossing was easy - but on other occasions I've had to cross a log above icy rocks here. The next hill is the steep one for today's climb - 15 minutes total, but enough for me to lose the hat & gloves and still find myself sweating hard at the top. Try to catch the pretty view from the small rock to the left just before the trail heads back down the hill.

Past the hill is is a short time until you reach the sign for the Sam Moore Shelter.
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