Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raven Rocks/Crescent Rock

Here are a few pictures looking out from the Raven Rocks/Crescent Rock cliffs.  This is about 3 miles north of Route 7 and 17 miles south of Harper's Ferry.

The first view is looking south from the top of the cliffs.  The Shenandoah River runs between the hills in the distance, and at night you can see the lights from Winchester 20-30 miles away.

It is not unusual to find climbers on the rocks when the weather is good.

The view looks across a small valley towards the previous ridge that a hiker covered coming from the south.  The AT continues along the cliffs to the north.  The picture below looks straight out from the cliffs.  The ridge on the other side of the valley is obscured by fog.

This is looking North along part of the cliff face.

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