Monday, December 29, 2008

Harper's Ferry

Harper's Ferry is a great base of operations for hikes along the AT & Maryland Heights. The AT passes through town and crosses into Maryland at this point. It was visited by Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and the Conferederate army during the Civil War, & was the spot where John Brown was caught in an incident that helped spark the civil war. So - lots to do on the tourist side. Walking around town is a bit of a hike as well.

Parking is a bit of a hassle downtown, but they have a tourist center that will bus you downtown & back. There is also some two hour parking starting at 9 AM for early hikes & there can be parking at the downtown train depot.

Here is the view from the train station parking lot looking away from the railway.

A nice view of the old church showing the old worn stone steps.

Another view from the parking lot, looking toward the Virginia side. The hike up into Virginia is nice (a relatively quick 1,000 foot climb to boot), but remember that it is north facing and can be surprisingly icy during the winter months.
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