Sunday, May 2, 2010

Loudoun Heights (Part Three)

This is continued from part two.

The third overlook has a great view of Harpers Ferry and the intersection of the rivers.
Click on any of the pictures for a bigger image.

It also has the best view looking down the Potomac to the east.  Unfortunately I broke my camera scrambling on these rocks, so the east-facing view will have to wait for next time.

Past this third view the trail descends more quickly, ending on route 340 between the bridge that crosses from Maryland to Virginia and the bridge that crosses back over the river into Harpers Ferry.  The thousand foot climb at the beginning of the hike turns into a thousand foot descent to the road.

You can follow the road back, but I would recommend the path.  340 is a busy two lane road at this point and the only option for hikers on is to hug the side of the road.

While this trail doesn't have the Civil War memorabilia of Harpers Ferry or Maryland Heights, it does provide  more solitude, a good climb, and beautiful unique views of Harper's Ferry, Maryland Heights, and the Potomac as it meets the Shenandoah.

The trail is clear now, but you can see the mountain still frozen a few months ago in this post - check the last 2  pictures.

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