Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old Rag Mountain pt 2

In the first part of our Old Rag climb blog we talked about the beginning of the trail - which is a generally tree-covered trail similar to many parts of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.  But the second half includes fairly technical scrambling over the exposed rock at the top of the mountain, complete with some unrivaled views.

After the "no camping" sign and a quick steep climb you reach a hundred foot slab of stone with a clear view of the valley below (click any image for a larger picture)
Hiking a few yards farther takes you over the ridge for a view of the other side of the mountain, the valley below, and a good view of what the trail ahead will be - rocks and climbing.

The blue trail blazes that were painted on trees are now found on boulders, and you find yourself having to navigate more technical rock climbing situations - like this early obstacle.

I recommend gloves to protect your hands.

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